There are many ways to ingest herbal foods. You can make teas, you can make tonics and you can even eat them raw.


Tonics are herbs soaked in grain alcohol for a month to bring out the potency of each herb.  It is the most potent way to ingest an herb, and a little goes a long way.  They travel easily.


You can add 1 dropper full to hot water, cold water or take them directly under your tongue. 

Black Walnut

Beneficial for healthy nerve function

1 oz: $17 4 oz: $51

Black Walnut (Juglans nigra); 25 bare root seedlings – Forest ...


Beneficial for maintaining muscle strength and supporting healthy thyroid function

1 oz: $17 4 oz: $51

Bladderwrack – LIVITY LIVING – Life Natural

Blessed Thistle 

Beneficial for aiding in digestion, relieving the occasional upset stomach, oxygenation of the blood stream and promoting good health and energy

1 oz: $17 4 oz: $51

Blessed Thistle – Herb Encyclopedia | Flora Health – Canada (EN)

Blue Vervain 

Beneficial to maintain healthy nerves and to aid in healthy detoxification

1 oz: $17 4 oz: $51

Blue Vervain

Burdock Root 

Supports healthy kidney function, detoxification of skin, liver and lymphatic system

1 oz: $18.50 4 oz: $55.50

Burdock Root Benefits + Side Effects - SelfHacked

Cascara Sagrada 

Beneficial for occasional constipation

1 oz: $15.50 4 oz: $46.50

Cascara sagrada Information - Buy Bulk Cascara Sagrada

Chamomile Flowers 

Beneficial for maintaining healthy nerve function, is calming and promotes relaxation

1 oz: $16.50 4 oz: $49.50

Chamomile flowers Photograph by Elena Elisseeva


Beneficial for the occasional upset stomach, weight reduction as part of a diet and exercise routine and for maintaining a healthy respiratory system

1 oz: $17 4 oz: $51Chaparral Herb: Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects


Beneficial for increasing sexual desire

1 oz: $16.50 4 oz: $49.50

Damiana Benefits, Uses & History: Gaia Herbs®

Dandelion Root 

Beneficial for occasional stomach discomfort and helps with the maintenance of liver and gall bladder health and digestive support

1 oz: $16.50 4 oz: $49.50

Dandelion Root Tincture – Chickadee Apothecary

Elder Berry 

Beneficial for supporting a healthy immune and respiratory system

1 oz: $18.50 4 oz: $55.50

York Elderberry | Buy at Nature Hills Nursery

Eucalyptus Essential Oil 

Beneficial for maintaining healthy respiratory function

1 oz: $18.50 4 oz: $55.50

Eucalyptus citriodora, Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil-EOEUCC


Beneficial for maintaining kidney and bladder health and helps to alleviate minor aches and pains associated with daily life

1 oz: $18.50 4 oz: $55.55

Hydrangea All Summer Beauty from Wayside Gardens

Irish Sea Moss 

Beneficial as a stool softener for occasional constipation

1 oz: $15.50 4 oz: $46.50

GOLD SEA MOSS - 1 LB – Atlantic Gold Sea Moss

Linden Flower



Linden Flower Essence – Woodland Essence

Milk Thistle

Helps to support the maintenance and function of a healthy liver and gall bladder

1 oz: $17 4 oz: $51

Milk Thistle Seed Extract – Woodland Essence


Beneficial for maintaining healthy connective tissue, supporting a healthy circulatory system and maintaining a healthy respiratory system

1 oz: $15.50 4 oz: $46.50

Mullein, Common (Verbascum thapsus) seeds, organic [SD no ...

Nettle Root

Supports healthy kidney and urinary tract function, a healthy circulatory system and blood vessels

1 oz: $15.50 4 oz: $46.50

Nettle Root (root) – Urtica dioica | The Wild & Weedy Apothecary

Oregano Leaf

Beneficial for supporting immune system 

1 oz: $15 4 oz: $45

Oregano: Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Oregano Plants | The ...

Red Clover

Helps to maintain a healthy immune and respiratory system

1 oz: $16.50 4 oz: $49.50

Red clover (Trifolium pratense) | The Good-To-Know | Seeds A-Z ...

Red Raspberry Leaf

Beneficial for overall female health and helps to relieve occasional stomach discomfort 

1 oz: $18.50 4 oz: $55.50

Does Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Help to Improve Fertility?


Provides nourishment for the maintenance of good health and healthy skin

1 oz: $17 4 oz: $51

Wild Sarsaparilla (Aralia nudicaulis)

Wild Cherry Bark 

Supports a healthy respiratory system

1 oz: $15.50 4 oz: $46.50

Wild Cherry Bark


Beneficial as a tonic to support the lymphatic system and good skin health

1 oz: $15.50 4 oz: $46.50

Rumex crispus - Wikipedia

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