How To Juice Cleanse for Liver & BLood

Kickstart Liver-Juice Cleanse
BLood and Liver health are very important to Brown-eyed People. It is usually the source of our health issues. If you are think you could use a good detox, here is a wonderful way to kick-start your program.

Juice cleansing gives the body a break so that it can go into deep cleansing mode. Ofcourse, if you are on medications or under doctors supervision, it is wise to run this by him or her before starting any detox program.

Diabetes is of major concern, so understanding your sugar levels and how detoxing may affect you is very important . As a note, vegetable juice and vegetables may be easily substituted for fruit with the same directions. Again, diabetics should use caution and be mindful of signs and symptoms of blood sugar spike or decline.
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