detox. build. maintain.

"a little herb goes a long way"

Herbal foods, teas and tonics are nature's way to balance and raise the vibrations of those who take them.... And a body with a high vibrational frequency does not get sick. 
If good quality herbs seem out of reach or too expensive,
our goal is to give the everyday person access to a unique set of alkaline herbal foods hand-picked for people with BROWN EYES.

In addition to taking a small amount of herbal foods,  getting good quality food, a little bit of movement, a lot of water and a lot of laughter are the keys to good health.
Welcome to our site & your journey!


these are herbal formulas inspired by brown-eyed people

From $19.99
For Her.
From $19.99
For Him
From $19.99
From $19.99

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